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Residential Electrical Services
At Wire Me Electric, we prominently specialize in providing residential electrical services while integrating smart home systems. A custom home electrician from our team will be there with you every step of the way. We’re able to help you come up with a design plan that will be completely unique to you and your home. After creating a design layout suitable for your family and home needs, we begin the installation process. A custom home electrician can provide you with custom lighting solutions, unique home automations, and smart home integration using various smart home systems such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Lutron Smart Home Control. Along with our smart home integration abilities, we can also help create more energy efficient homes with low voltage wiring.
You shouldn’t leave your home’s electrical system in the hands of an unqualified, novice electrician. A job this important should be handled by professional and knowledgeable custom home electricians who can properly assess all your wiring needs. We are a full service electrical contractor with a team of professional electricians that have the experience and training necessary to perform all residential electrical services of the highest quality, leaving you worry and stress free.

Our Residential Electrical Services

The other residential services we provide are:
New Construction
Electric Panels
Smart Homes
Energy Efficient Homes
Low Voltage Wiring
Accent Lighting
Art Lighting
Specialized Kitchen Lighting
Cabinet Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Hot Tub and Spa Wiring
Dock and Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Patios - Light, Heat & Sound
Generator Back-Ups
Tesla Wall Packs
Porsche, Tesla & Electric Car Charging Stations
Heat Tape Installation for Snow

innovative designs, residential electrical services

Innovative Designs

We’ll help you create a beautiful design, specifically made to fit the needs of you and your home.
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Expert Electricians

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff of custom home electricians work hard to provide the best quality residential electrical services.
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Satisfied Clients

We strive to leave each residential site with a happy and satisfied client to enjoy their newly serviced home.
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Ensuring Quality Residential Electrical Services

Our expert staff is fully prepared to provide quality electrical services for all residential sites. Whether it be for high-end custom homes, remodels, or new construction homes, a custom home electrician will be there for you. A full service electrical contractor can help provide you with custom lighting solutions for any room in your home: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, pantry, and closet. We’re also happy to service your outdoor patio areas by providing audio solutions, outdoor lighting and heating, hot tub and spa wiring, and much more!


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