Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Electrician When Buying a Home

February 12, 2020

With all of the wiring capabilities electricians have mastered over the years, there can be a lot to consider when you’re buying a home. Before technology advanced to what it is today, there were few tools and materials available, making electric decisions for your home basically a non-issue. However, today there are many wiring, data cabling, and other electrical installations available that the homeowner needs to be aware of and should consult their custom home electrician. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you hire an electrician that is fully qualified and prepared to handle all of your smart house wiring system needs. Take a look at some of the questions you should consider asking your custom home electrician when you decide to buy a home.   

Finding the Best Custom Home Electrician 

For quality residential electrical services and the most advanced commercial electrical projects, you need to ensure that you find Reno electrical contractors that are qualified, professional, and easy to work with. Start by asking a few questions during your search for the right electrician to handle your custom home wiring needs: 

#1 Who will be working on my home’s electricity? 

Before you have a stranger come into your home, be sure you know their name. This will ensure that you’re letting the appropriate person into your home for added safety and security. Also, this gives you the opportunity to provide feedback to managers of the company regarding your service, whether it was good or bad. 

#2 Are you licensed and insured?

These are both crucial for displaying a company’s qualifications and their integrity. Professional licenses are documents that explicitly list an electrician’s training and expresses their qualifications. An insured Reno residential and commercial electrician ensures that the contracting company will be held responsible in the case of an accident, NOT the homeowner. This shows their integrity and their willingness to take ownership for their actions. 

#3 How experienced are your electricians?

Even with proper training, an electrician who is less experienced may not be able to handle any unexpected issues if one arises. Experienced wiring Reno NV electrical contractors are better adept at problem-solving on the job and are able to better prevent such things from happening in the first place. 

#4 Does your company offer warranties?

A warranty serves as an added form of protection to homeowners if a problem comes up following your service. This can also provide homeowners with a greater peace of mind.

Ask Your Electrician About These Electrical Options for Your Home

Another set of questions you should ask your custom home electrician are about the electrical options you want to include in your home. Doing so will help you better prepare for your future services, and it also helps you determine if the electrician is capable of handling all of the wirings you want for your home. So, be sure to ask your electrician questions such as:

  • How much electrical service will be needed for my home and will this be sufficient for future needs as well?
  • Which volt wiring - 110 or 220 - do you recommend for my home? 
  • What are the benefits of low-voltage wiring and will it work for what I need?
  • Are there different types of electrical plugs and switches? 
  • Is special wiring needed for ceiling fans as opposed to simple light fixtures?
  • Is it possible to pre-wire for smart home technologies before installing the actual device? 
  • If I want to have more plugs and switches installed, how much will this cost?

Be sure to come prepared with any questions you may have for your electrical contractor before meeting with them. This will help you find the best possible custom home electrician for your specific project. And remember that the more prepared you are, the better prepared your electrician will be. 

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